I trained with Donnie Bennett who graduated from Northwestern School of Taxidermy and worked in the taxidermy industry for over 30 years. After working with Donnie for a few years, he decided to retire and began referring all his clients to me. Although he had other apprentices throughout the years, he said he didn't feel comfortable leaving his clients with anyone else but me. I've worked with other local taxidermists and often have larger projects referred to me by taxidermists in the area. I have traveled to different regions of the United States and trained with some of the top taxidermists in the world including Bill Yox and Rick Carter, both of whom are thought of as two of the top taxidermists in the country. I have also been honored with having some of my work pictured on the cover of Taxidermy Today Magazine. Rather than cranking out "cookie-cutter" mounts, I treat each animal as if it were my own and try to give each trophy the care and attention that will preserve the experience and memory of the hunt.